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25.2.16 | 0 comments
Zup zup zup

The reason I put up the title as cherry is cuz I'm having a major stomachache (can't relate, huh ?) lol prolly cuz I wasn't eating at the right time. Didn't ate breakfast and I only had sausage bun for lunch and I didn't even eat it on time for lunch he he he and now I'm facing the consequences...

Anyways, guess how I did on my exam ? I got 3.43 ! If you ask me, it's a bit unbelievable cuz I thought I wouldn't get that much HARDY HAR HAR. Didn't get anything for it tho. I might be happy for it but it doesn't seem that way with... blablabla... I failed, I guess ha ha.

Oh, hey. What would you feel if a friend of yours neglect you for...a horrible reason..or so.... it's like you're really close to that person but at the same time you hate that person for being that person but then that person left you aside for other person...but you don't like that person tho I mean you don't like that person in any way, am I making sense here ? Guess not har har har. But I'm really bummed with that person tho for being such an ass but I bet that person doesn't even know and I don't plan on letting that person know or wuteves I'm ranting non stop hahahahahahahahaha....

Do you know how it feels like wanting a person there with you I meant the opposite gender shut up you know what I mean by it. It's not like I want to be committed, like, okay no I want to commit wait no I, okay I'm complicated I just want a person to be there for me and for me to be there for him and well you know ugh I meant to feel that I belong with a person okay okay a boyfriend. To love or wuteves and to be loved like that why the hell am I ranting like this. Okay it's not like I'm tots desperate for a boyfriend or wuteves no and you think a girl would learn from her past mistakes hardy har har I'm just lonely okay... yea.. I'm just lonely..

I'm like a ghost in your chat room,
Fahada Nordin

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