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31.1.16 | 0 comments
Sup dawgs ?

wow, how long has it been since I last posted an entry ? So, hey. I'm a university student now. Didn't make it into UMP tho. I'm in UKM now pursuing English studies. Everything's fine, I guess. 'Cept for the people there. Yea some are fine but some are.. fucking irritating dude I'm not even joking here it's true. I guess a bigger place comes with a wider range of human species, if you know what I mean. Sheesh. Fucking annoying. 

Anyway, I'm on my semester break now. First semester ended. I'll be going back for the second semester this 21st February.

Oh hey, I bought a new laptop. Now I can play a bunch of games. Though it's freakin huge and it takes up a lot of space on my desk. On the other hand, my phone is getting shittier day by day. The battery wont even last more than 2 hours and it keeps on shot wire my charging cable. I changed my cable like, thousands of times, exaggerated, but it feels like thousands of times. Pshh. I'm thinking of changing my phone to a new one but the same model lol. Big problemoooooo. I don't have the greens, 'less they accept grasses and leaves. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Get it ? 'Cuz they're green ? Okay don't laugh I'm pathetic.

Thinking of getting a drawing tablet but I don't even know which brand is bomb enough to use. I don't even know how to use the damn thing BHAHAHAHAha ha ha....ehm.. Still, no money to buy em. Maybe I can talk mom in to buy it for me if I get good results. eheheheheheheheheheee..... but, then... I'll be in a dilemma to ask her to buy me the drawing tablet or a new phone.... *gasp* this is a crisis !

I'm so aloooone~
Fahada Nordin

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