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22.9.14 | 0 comments
hey. it's been a while. months actually.
first thing to tell is that i got my midterm exam result last week. t'was a total mess.
amazing how i managed to achieve 3F's. and for that, i failed my midterm. thank God it was only the midterm. i need to get myself straight again. talked to Heri just now. well, it's more of chatting rather than talking. facebook. he said i can do it. i just need to start trying. i will, but i'm not confident that i'll most likely be able to keep it going for so long. never mind that.
so, there's a story i wanna tell.
last august, if i'm not mistaken. i went out with my friends. overnight outside campus. not even close with them cept for Shafiq. i tag along cuz i wanna go sumwhere i havent been yet since the day i started living here in Kelantan. we knew each other cuz we're in the same theater club. so we went out, the five of us (3 girls, 2 boys) went out to Rantau Panjang. we were so happy as fuck that we started to get along so well. so, around 2 in the morning, me and the girls decided to go for a drive in KB without even telling the boys. we took turns driving the car. when i was driving, they called Shafiq to tell him that we went out. we were laughing and i almost felt like nothing is in my way but i was wrong. few minutes after we called Shafiq, we arrived at a junction and since there's not even a soul passing by, i continued driving and crashed with another. i can still remember the scene. the way i hit the car head on. the way the car flipped over to the side. the way my car sounded like when i tried to reach for the brakes.. still playing freshly in my head, even now. t'was a good thing i slowed down at the junction or else, i wont even be sitting here typing, updating my blog right now.
so, that's that. somehow i felt grateful that night happen. cuz it brought us five closer than ever. we're not in the same class(cept for me and Shafiq), yet we're the most happiest family of weirdos i've ever been in. i guess it's time to introduce their names.

might put up their pictures... some other day haha. running out of time here. at the library now haha.
i love them and i hope there's nothing that could come between us all except for death.

as time goes by, friendship never dies
Fahada Nordin

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